West County Psychological Associates

West County Psychological Associates is a comprehensive mental health and consulting service provider. We are a unique, experienced group of caring mental health professionals who provide psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families, and consulting to organizations.

The goal of our therapy services is to help each client obtain a better understanding of what interferes with finding balance in life. Through therapy, clients are able to solve problems, achieve desired goals and pursue changes that will result in the client having more control, direction and sense of grounding in his or her life.

We provide diversified comprehensive consulting services to schools, churches, healthcare providers and professional organizations. Our role is to work with administrators, managers, educators, staff and others dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues in their organizations. By evaluating, training and consulting with staff, systems will reduce costs, enhance the delivery of services and improve organizational outcomes.

Our core beliefs are that individuals and systems:
  • Are capable of permanent change.
  • Function best with clearly defined authority that stems from a family system hierarchy.
  • Are accountable for both positive and negative aspects of behavior.
  • Achieve success by conscious choices that lead to strength and development of personal responsibility.
  • Control their environment by establishing boundaries consistent with their values.
Our mission as therapists and consultants is to assist the individual/system in creating change by:
  • Helping to establish order within the environment.
  • Meeting consistently in a collaborative relationship to achieve identified goals.
  • Helping to identify and process significant issues.
  • Aiding in resolving issues as they arise.

The result for the individual/system is the development of a strong sense of self and community that allows for the achievement of goals.

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