Note, these protocols were taken and adapted from the St. Louis Regional Business Recovery Initiative’s Protocols, which were developed in accordance with guidance from the CDC. Although safety cannot be guaranteed, the purpose of these protocols is to increase the safety, comfort and well-being of WCPA clients, therapists and employees, and their families. Concerns about these protocols may be directed to WCPA’s Director, Dr. Mary Fitzgibbons.

Policies for WCPA Clients:

Persons who are more at-risk as identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — including those who are over the age of 60 or those who have severe underlying medical conditions — should take extra precaution or may choose to refrain from using in-office services. Telehealth services will remain available to all clients who have concerns about health or safety.

Clients should wait in their vehicles until it is time for their appointment. Therapists will contact clients by phone or text when the appointment room is ready and complete the health check questions.

WCPA therapists will conduct health checks (e.g., temperature and symptom screening) of clients prior to the start of each session. Health checks will include:

1) a temperature check with a touchless thermometer

2) asking about the presence of COVID-19 related symptoms

3) asking if the client has been diagnosed with, had close contact with a person diagnosed with, or been recommended to be tested for COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

Clients with a temperature of 100°F or above or who answer yes to any of the screening questions may continue the session via telehealth but should not enter the office.

Therapists will record each client’s health check responses on the health check form.

Clients with symptoms should not return to the WCPA office until they have met the CDC’s criteria to discontinue home isolation or they have been cleared to return by their healthcare provider.

Only essential non-client companions (parents of minor children or caregivers of those with disabilities) may accompany clients to sessions. Essential companions should wait in their vehicles when not needed in the session.

All clients and essential companions must wear face coverings in the common areas of the office, including when entering and exiting the office area. Masks or face coverings may be, but are not required to be, worn when clients are in therapy sessions.

Clients are asked not to linger or congregate at the secretarial desk.

If a client is diagnosed with COVID-19 following an in-office appointment, WCPA will work with local health agencies to ensure that all employees and clients who can be identified as having had close contact while the client was infectious are contacted. Employees identified as having close contact with that client must immediately leave the office and cannot return until cleared by their healthcare provider.

Clients diagnosed with or exposed to COVID-19 may not return to WCPA for in-person appointments until all self-isolation periods are complete and the client is cleared by their healthcare provider.

If an employee or client tests positive for COVID-19, WCPA will close off all areas recently used by that employee or client and will not reuse for at least 24 hours and until after cleaning and disinfection is complete.

Contactless payment options can help reduce the need for physical contact. Clients are asked to provide a credit card number which will be used for billing.

We apologize that self-serve beverages are no longer available for client use. Clients are encouraged to bring their own beverages. Bottled water may be available.

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