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A workshop for school professionals on realistic and effective responses to today’s difficult parents

In our own childhoods, our parents did not take ownership of our schoolwork.  They did not check our grades daily or weekly and they did not angrily call our teacher when we received less than an A.  Often, they didn’t have a clue what our homework was at all.  They just expected us to do it.

When we got in trouble at school, we got in trouble at home.  Our parents did not take sides with us, children, against our classroom teachers.  It did not matter if we said we were bored or the teacher didn’t like us or picked on us or the other guy started it.  We were to behave, listen, and mind the teacher.

Our parents wanted us to have extra-curriculars, especially sports and school activities, but they understood that there was no guarantee we would make varsity or get the lead role.  We were not pushed to fill every moment with structured activities that looked good on a college application.  We were bored sometimes.

Today’s parents are undeniably different.  Not knowing how to respond, schools are aiding and abetting parents in the theft of an entire generation’s self-efficacy.  For the sake of our families, schools and workplaces, educators must learn to effectively respond to today’s anxious helicopter parents.

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*This presentation is also available for school groups at your site.  Call for information.

Topics Covered Include:

  • The Behavior of Helicopter Parenting:  hovering, enabling, rescuing, handicapping
  • The Causes of Helicopter Parenting:  from the self-esteem movement to cell phones, the world’s longest umbilical cord
  • The Consequences of Helicopter Parenting:  consequences for kids, parents, schools and workforces
  • The School’s Participation in Helicopter Parenting:  how today’s school practices often make the problem worse
  • The School’s Response to Helicopter Parenting:  many, many words, policies, and strategies to use

Who Should Attend:  Classroom Teachers, School Administrators, Social Workers, Counselors, and Family Liaisons

Cost:   $85 per attendee   Continuing Education certificate provided, must attend full program.


Amy V. Maus, MSW, LCSW

Amy Mausspecializes in school consultation, providing faculty inservice training, parent education presentations, seminar programs, and on-site case consultation to dozens of area schools each year.  Along with colleagues, she is co-author of The Care Team Approach:  A Problem Solving Process for Effective School Change.

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