In today’s world, parents face concerns and decisions that previous generations of parents never faced. The Covid-19 pandemic has only exacerbated previously-existing concerns for children’s mental health, boundaries, family life, and internet use. Now, more than ever, parents need solid advice that gives real-life strategies and suggestions, consistent with their faith.

To meet this need, West County Psychological Associates offers grade-level parent presentations to the schools, PSR’s, and parishes of the St. Louis Archdiocese. These presentations:

• Are geared toward parents in Catholic schools and PSR programs and consistent with Catholic faith and teachings

• Are generally one hour long, usually provided in the early evening, with time allotted at the end for questions from parents

• Can be scheduled by a single school at its convenience or by a group of schools coming together to host the presentation

• Are offered by several WCPA therapists; schools may contact the therapist of their choice or may contact the office to request a therapist who is available on their chosen date

• May be conducted live in person or via online webinar

These presentations are available and currently scheduling for the 2021-2022 school year:

Kindergarten: First Steps to Independence
This presentation addresses the issues faced by parents of a new kindergarten student, such as child development at age 5/6, separation anxiety, using healthy boundaries, and appropriate parental involvement with the school. Parents are encouraged to allow their child to make age-appropriate choices, experience school life, and become more independent.

3rd grade: Entering the Middle Grade Years: Building on Success
This presentation addresses issues that parents at this stage specifically need, such as brain and social development at age 8/9, social changes and “bullying” concerns, the need for homework independence, and smart early choices with technology. Supporting the school’s rules and expectations is emphasized.

Grades 5-8: Middle School Conversations
This presentation is specifically geared to help parents as they navigate the new, deep waters of today’s middle school experience. Four conversations – drug and alcohol experimentation, bullying, sexual pressures, and safe online choices – are covered in detail, and parents are given strategies for approaching their kids with these critical conversations.

PLEASE NOTE: These programs are available with live presenters only and are no longer available on DVD. Any previous DVDs or videos of these programs may no longer be used and should be returned to the Office of Catholic Education and Formation. Thank you.

To Schedule:
You may call the WCPA offices with questions or concerns, or to schedule presentations. Call early to reserve the date(s) of your preference, (314) 275-8599.

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