Information for Parents in Light of Dr. Larry Nassar’s Sexual Abuse Trial

Written by Amy V. Maus, MSW, LCSW

The nation has been horrified the last few months by the news concerning USA Gymnastics and Dr. Larry Nassar. Over decades, Dr. Nassar systematically sexually abused the young gymnasts brought to him for medical care. Hundreds of girls were sexually violated, bringing many caring adults to ask how such a nightmare, involving so many young people, could possibly have continued undiscovered for so long. The answers to that question are some of the most disturbing aspects of the case. We now know that Dr. Nassar’s victims did not keep silent about their abuse. Many of them told, and some of them told repeatedly. They told their parents, coaches, school officials, and police. But time after time, their reports were not taken seriously and were not believed, and a serial sexual predator was allowed continued access to young victims. It is any parent’s worst fear.

Amy Maus, MSW, LCSW

received her Master of Social Work degree from Washington University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in both Missouri and Illinois. She specializes in services to schools, including work within public and private schools in urban, suburban and rural settings.

Ms. Maus provides training to administrators, teachers and parents, consultation within Care Teams and on individual cases, and/or direct intervention with at-risk students. She also leads monthly consultation groups for area school principals.



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**Schools have permission to print/copy/distribute to parents.

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