Suggestions for Parents and Educators

Our country is currently in the throes of a new phenomenon, and one that may bring extreme risk to some of our youth.  This new rage is the recently-released, wildly popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, a show that follows a high school girl, Hannah, who commits suicide but leaves behind 13 cassette tapes describing her reasons for killing herself and the people she blames for her choice.

Many adults who have viewed the show, including many mental health professionals, have come away with significant concerns.  The content is very graphic, painful, and can be triggering for youth and adults who have experienced similar issues.  The show is rated TV-MA, for Mature Audiences only, and carries graphic content warnings.

Below is a link to an article that schools may freely copy and provide to their faculties and parents.  The article describes the show, notes specific concerns that parents and educators should know, and shares how parents can talk with their teens about the show.

If your school has concerns about a student or about suicide prevention, feel free to contact West County Psychological Associates at (314) 275-8599.  WCPA provides mental health therapy for students and adults of all ages, as well as presentations on suicide prevention for school groups.

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