Care Management, Psychological Counseling & Consulting Services for Seniors, Disabled Adults, Family Caregivers and Care Facilities

Convergence is a comprehensive care management, counseling, and consulting program serving seniors, caregivers, special needs individuals, and adults with disabilities.

Working with individual and families during a time of transition and uncertainty, we provide a continuity of care ranging from assisting with communications among family members, medical personnel and service advisors to providing counseling.

The services of Convergence are provided by two established health care providers: Care Choice Care Management and West County Psychological Associates.

Care Choice Care Management is the premier provider of care management service in St. Louis and the surrounding counties. Visit Care Choice Care Management’s Website

West County Psychological Associates is a highly experienced counseling and consulting company serving individuals and families in the St. Louis area for the last thirty years.

Care management services are needed when:

The Person or Loved One for Whom You are Caring:

  • Has multiple medical, financial, or legal issues
  • Is unable to live safely in his/her current environment
  • Is not pleased with the current professional care providers and requires advocacy
  • Is confused about his/her own financial and/or legal situation
  • Has limited or no family support, or the family needs professional guidance and assistance

Counseling services are needed when:

The Person or Loved One for Whom You are Caring:

  • Seems anxious or depressed much of the time
  • Often feels stressed, has lost interest in the activities he or she used to do
  • Feels as though life is hopeless or has a sense of foreboding
  • Is struggling to cope with a loss in life such as a loved one or independence
  • Shows signs of abusing alcohol or prescription medications

Your Family

  • Has become involved with helping a loved one and needs direction about available services
  • Is either “burned out” or confused about care solutions
  • Has limited time and/or expertise in dealing with your loved one’s chronic care needs
  • Is at odds regarding care decisions
  • Needs education

A Caregiver

  • Becomes depressed about changes in their loved one
  • Feels anxious or guilty about the additional stress or responsibility they experience
  • Sees that the situation is creating a strain in family relationships
  • Feels a loss of self-identity while providing care
  • Feels fearful of the financial and emotional cost and not knowing the duration of the situation
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