Eating disorders manifest in different ways, but they are all characterized by eating patterns that disrupt a person’s mental, physical and emotional health. We have expertise in treating anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and orthorexia. At the heart of our approach is emphasizing the development of insight and coping skills for the emotional and psychological issues that lead to healing and pave the way to being fully recovered. Our objective is to help each client achieve a clear understanding of their eating and/or exercise disorder and its effect on their life, as well as an individualized appreciation of what is necessary for their personal recovery.

Providing highly tailored and collaborative psychotherapy, our approach acknowledges the uniqueness of each client’s eating experience and allows them to reconnect to their innermost self, their longings and heart’s desires. We also work closely with parents, helping them better understand the inner experience of a child with an eating disorder in order to strengthen patterns of communication and foster supportive relationships. We are deeply committed to our clients’ growth and health, our goal being clients who feel deeply cared for and no longer alone in their challenges.

Services Include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Parent coaching
  • Group therapy
  • Training for schools, coaches, and community organizations

Eating disorder treatment is typically multi-faceted, involving a team of professionals. We are well-networked with many eating disorder specialists with whom we refer and collaborate throughout the Saint Louis metropolitan area.

Anyone with eating disorders related concerns may contact WCPA at (314) 275-8599 and ask to speak to a eating disorders therapist.

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