Moving Your Family Forward

West County Psychological Associates offers many services through our Families in Transition Program.  These services assist all family members in reaching a peaceful resolution when struggling with challenging family transitions.


Family Therapy:  Families can be torn apart by divorce and re-marriage.  New family structure means new roles for everyone in the family.  Therapists can assist families in coming together, co-parenting successfully and in welcoming new roles and relationships into the family.


Co-Parent Counseling:  Parents are often overwhelmed by the amount of decisions they are now making to ensure their child’s healthy adjustment during this trying time.  Co-parent counseling is a confidential therapeutic services that addresses the co-parenting relationship and children’s issues associated with divorce and family separation.  Learn how children experience family separation as well as communication and negotiation skills to improve your skills in being a co-parent.


Parent Coordination:  Dispute resolution for high conflict parents.  This service assists parents in high conflict situations to establish and maintain a healthier relationship by reducing the amount of parental conflict and the risk factors that influence a child’s post divorce/ separation adjustment. 


Child Custody Mediation:  Mediation is a confidential process designed to offer parents the ability to design a workable and age-appropriate parenting plan for children.  Ideal for parents who want to have professional direction to create a plan that works for their family without the “typical” visitation schedule.


Parent Child Reunification:  A parent can sometimes lose touch with a child for a variety of reasons.  In a safe setting, a child can be reintroduced to a relationship with their parent.  The child and parent can effectively explore and begin to develop a healthy relationship, repair attachment issues, and enhance their overall relationship.


Divorce Coaching:  Divorce is an emotional process and having a coach can make a tremendous difference in surviving the process.  Coaching can assist individuals in understanding the process and assist with their grief or resistance to negotiations.  The goal is to provide support to the individual while also helping to prepare them for a future as a single adult.  This process may continue after the divorce proceedings have ended, assisting adults in settling into their new roles.

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