Surviving with Knowledge
Elementary Teachers’ Instructional Support Group

Available Spring 2021
(Actual dates and times will be determined by schools.)

Teaching has always been a high-stress job with many demands, but COVID-19 has added a new dimension for daily expectations and responsibilites. Teachers are having to rethink and reorganize their classrooms to meet the needs of vitual and in-person learners. This program offers teacher support groups with an emphasis on restoring teacher’s efficacy, when there is so much uncertainty and change. These sessions will help teachers express their concerns through the lens of their purpose and passion for teaching. Teachers who feel like they are sinking emotionally and professionally will be given time to reflect and renew their commitment. These sessions will also help to create a place where educators feel safe, supported, and listened to while learning to think about the future in innovative ways, listening to colleagues and reviewing the wisdom of Covey, Fullan, and Senge.

Topics Available:

  • My Reason for Teaching (Reflection on Professional Choice )
  • The Emotional Roller Coaster
  • Schools of Quality
  • Thinking in the Future Tense
  • Re-imagining My Classroom
  • The Power of a Paradigm Shift

Group Format: Principals may schedule groups for their teaching staff to attend. 4-6 sessions are suggested, but scheduling is flexible to meet each school’s need. Group sessions are one hour long, with 4-6 staff members per group. Principals may choose to divide staff by grade level.

Group Leader: Dr. Carol Hall-Whittier is an educational consultant specializing in educational leadership and collaborative learning for school staff. She worked 34 years in education as a teacher, instructional leader and principal.

Cost: $175 per session
Dates and time: Mutually determined between school and group leader
Location: Online, via the Zoom format
Continuing Education: Certificates will be provided to those who attend

To schedule or for more information, contact Dr. Hall-Whittier at the WCPA office, (314) 275-8599 or through her email on our website,

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