Carol Hall-Whittier, Ed.D


Carol is an experienced educator who has worked in an urban school district as a principal, instructional leader and teacher for over 34 years. Dr. Whittier received her training as an urban leader from St. Louis University where she earned a doctorate in education. She is identified as a Constructivist Leader believing that leadership should be built among working professionals as well as students, parents and community. Her work has been built on the belief that the school functions as a community that is self-motivating and that views the growth of its members as fundamental.

Dr. Whittier is adept in providing leadership training for principals, staff, and parents. She is especially interested in providing professional development for school personnel in the areas of transformational leadership; collaborative cultures; literacy learning; and effective use of assessments and evaluations to perfect the practice of professionals who are preparing students to live in a democratic society.

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