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Couples and Family Therapy

Couples and Family Therapy

Healthy relationships are essential to our well-being. Strong connections with family members, friends, and intimate partners provide us with a secure foundation and offer us support during challenging times. Conversely, unhealthy patterns in relationships lead to increased stress, conflict, and disruption in our lives.

Our couples and family therapists understand the complexities of relationships and help families heal. We work with families as a system to create long-term, sustainable changes and to support them through transitions. We guide couples through difficult discussions, enhance communication, and provide evidence-based interventions to build healthier relationships.

WCPA has over 35 years of experience serving individuals, couples, and families. We recognize the value of the relationships we have gained through the years, and strive to use our knowledge to help couples and families in our community. We welcome your family to join us.

Common relationship problems that Couples and Family Therapy can help include:

  • Communication Issues
  • Emotional Distance
  • Conflict Resolution
  • LGBTQ Couples Counseling
  • Sexual Compulsions
  • Intimacy and Commitment Issues
  • Affairs and Infidelity
  • Non-Monogamous Relationships
  • Marital Preparation
  • Co-Parenting
  • Divorce Counseling
  • Overcoming Trauma
  • Significant Life Events
  • Domestic Violence

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