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Posted: April 24, 2024

WCPA Spring 2024 Newsletter

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In the WCPA Spring newsletter, topics include: Middle School to High School Transitions, The Antidote to Virtual Conversations, Reflection Diaries, Supporting Those Struggling with Depression, and Play Therapy 101. Middle School to High […]

Posted: January 8, 2024

WCPA Winter 2024 Newsletter

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In the WCPA winter newsletter, topics include Avoiding Despair in Today’s Discouraging World, Loss and Equanimity, Mental Health Stigma in Medical Settings – Family Caregivers, and Psychological Testing Available.

Posted: October 10, 2023

Treating Mental Health Stigma in Medical Settings*

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There is enormous strain on professionals in medical and senior communities to accomplish numerous tasks and be fully present for their patients during a shift. Most workers were drawn to this field to help older adults and patients live with dignity, care, and compassion.

Amy Neu, MSW, LCSW

Posted: October 9, 2023

Social Media Comparisons: Our Youth’s Greatest Frenemy

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Social media has connected us all in ways unimaginable to past generations.  As adults, many of us are all-too-aware how social media has proven to be both a wonderful but also a challenging […]

Julia Osborne, MSW, LMSW

Posted: October 8, 2023

Understanding Dementia: The Top 3 Causes

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Dementia is defined as memory loss symptoms caused by a certain disease or condition, and is not part of the normal aging process. While normal aging is marked by challenges such as temporarily […]

Brigid A. McGuire, MA, PLPC, NCC, CRC

Posted: August 29, 2023

WCPA Fall Newsletter

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In the WCPA fall newsletter, topics include online versus in-person therapy, the importance of fathers, mental health stigma, reflections from an educator, presentation topics available, and the three most common types of dementia.

Posted: July 14, 2023

Addressing Mental Health Stigma in Medical Settings

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Part 1: The Patient “I dread going to the hospital…I have to explain myself every time and prove to them I’m not ‘crazy.’ I’m there feeling terrible, but need to be on my […]

Amy Neu, MSW, LCSW

Posted: June 12, 2023

Caregiver Sibling Resentment

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Is caring for your elderly parents causing tensions between you and your siblings? Have your sibling relationships deteriorated due to disagreements about care for your parents? Arguments often flare up over issues like […]

Lori Goldberg, MSW, LCSW

Posted: June 11, 2023

Who are Your Attachment Figures?

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There is probably nothing more beautiful and intense as watching a nurturing mother look into the eyes of her infant child. There is probably nothing more critical to a child’s development than having […]

Mary Fitzgibbons, Ph.D.

Posted: May 10, 2023

WCPA Spring Newsletter

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In the WCPA spring newsletter, topics include social media’s impact on youth, the importance of attachment figures, Covid and loss, cultural competence, caregiver sibling resentment, and mental health stigma.         […]