Depression, anxiety, and other emotional symptoms are often ignored or misdiagnosed in elderly patients. These problems can be caused by social isolation, the inability to carry on previous activities, or the fear of one’s loss of independence. These clients often respond to talk therapy just as well as other patients do. Talk therapy is having a professional’s listening ear to help come to a sense of resolution and peace in one’s life.

Caregivers also demonstrate clinically significant symptoms often caused by the additional stress put upon the family. They often describe their feelings as frustrated, guilty or helpless or overwhelmed. 40% to 70% of caregivers show clinically significant levels of depression. Higher levels are associated with people caring for individuals with dementia. Relationships among family members can become strained, especially if there is disagreement in regard to care and/or the financial situation of the patient.

When Should a Family Seek Counseling?

When a Loved One

  • Seems anxious or depressed much of the time
  • Often feels stressed
  • Has lost interest in the activities he or she used to do
  • Feels hopeless
  • Has a sense of foreboding
  • Is frustrated or angry over the loss of his or her independence
  • Shows signs of abusing alcohol or prescription medications

When a Caregiver

  • Becomes depressed about changes in their loved one
  • Feels anxious about the additional stress or responsibility they experience
  • Sees that the situation is creating a strain in family relationships
  • Feels a loss of self-identity while providing care
  • Feels fearful of the financial and emotional cost and not knowing the duration of the situation
  • Experiences guilt in making the difficult family decisions

How West County Psychological Associates can Help

Psychological assistance with the client and/or family is often an important factor in working with patients and families needing home health care or care facilities. We provide transition counseling for the patient, home caregiver and care facility.

We accept Medicare as a primary insurance and are out of network providers. We specialize in taking the time necessary for high-quality care, rather than providing short-term therapy. We have served Missouri and Illinois families for over two decades.  Our therapists are licensed and experienced. Through our cooperation with professionals you already use, you and your loved one will receive a full continuum of care for private insurance.

Senior Care Services Provided by West County Psychological Associates

  • Individual, couples, and/or family therapy are available in the home for patients
  • Individual, couples, and/or family therapy are available in our offices for caregivers
  • On-site counseling at senior facilities
  • Services may be provided through clients’ Medicare coverage
  • Grief and loss counseling; anticipatory grief counseling
  • Substance abuse assessment and treatment services for clients and/or caregivers
  • Psychological assessment available to assist in diagnosing depression, anxiety, and other emotional problems
  • Professional mediation services in regard to financial or care-taking disagreements
  • Licensed, experienced mental health professionals are available for consultation with medical, social work or home care professionals already involved with the family.
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