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West County Psychological Associates

West County Psychological Associates is a comprehensive mental health and consulting service provider. We are a unique, experienced group of caring mental health professionals who provide psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families, and consulting to organizations. Through therapy, clients are able to solve problems, achieve desired goals and pursue changes that will result in the clients having more control, direction and sense of grounding in their lives. Our consulting services assist organizations to enhance the delivery of their services, improve organizational outcomes, and reduce costs.


West County Psychological Associates has an interdisciplinary team of therapists. Each therapist is uniquely qualified to address both emotional and behavioral dimensions of human pain and growth.

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School Services

Comprehensive School Services were created to address the needs of the total school community: students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators. We provide a variety of services, from on-site school counseling to one-time presentations.

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Senior Care Services

Our Senior Care Services provide counseling and help with the aging and ailments of our loved ones. We help families cope with various complications to the lives of their loved one.

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Psychological Testing

A psychological evaluation can provide an understanding of problems affecting a child, adolescent, or adult in their academic, social, emotional, or workplace functioning. A thorough assessment of cognitive and social-emotional functioning provides the best overall picture for a client.

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Addiction Services

Our comprehensive approach utilizes a systems perspective to diagnose and treat addiction in adults and adolescents, as well as to provide consultative services to schools, businesses and other organizations coping with substance-related issues.

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Convergence is a comprehensive care management, counseling, and consulting program serving seniors, caregivers, special needs individuals, and adults with disabilities

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