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Our Services

Individual Therapy

West County Psychological Associates has an interdisciplinary team of therapists. Each therapist is uniquely qualified to address both emotional and behavioral dimensions of human pain and growth.

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Senior Care Services

Senior care specialists at WCPA know that aging can bring new challenges. We believe therapy provides a secure space for aging clients to engage, reduce loneliness, and process emotions in a healthy way.

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School Services

Comprehensive School Services were created to address the needs of the total school community: students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators. We provide a variety of services, from on-site school counseling to one-time presentations.

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Psychological Testing

A psychological evaluation can provide an understanding of problems affecting a child, adolescent, or adult in their academic, social-emotional, or workplace functioning. A thorough assessment of cognitive and socialemotional functioning provides the best overall picture for a client.

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Couples and Family Therapy

Our couples and family therapists understand the complexities of relationships and help families heal. We work with families as a system to create sustainable changes and to support them through transitions.

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Who we are

West County Psychological Associates (WCPA) has been serving this community for over thirty-five years. Our commitment has always been to the quality of our clinical services. We specialize in long-term and sustainable solutions that make a lasting difference in our clients’ lives. Our clients gain insight into family patterns and emotional well-being, build the strength to be in charge of their lives, and improve their abilities to accomplish the goals they set for themselves.

Welcome to WCPA.

~ Dr. Mary Fitzgibbons, Director

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