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Murisa Begic-Gusic, Psy. D.

Murisa Begic Gusic

I am a licensed psychologist and provide comprehensive psychological evaluations and psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adult clients. I have extensive experience working with clients dealing with a wide range of pathology including mood disorders, anxiety, psychosis, autism, ADHD, intellectual disability, personality disorders, and trauma. I provide comprehensive psychological evaluations including diagnostic, psychoeducational, pre-adoption, disability, and clergy evaluations.

Angela Cook, BSW, MSW, LCSW

Angela Cook

I have over 25 years of clinical social work experience assisting individuals, families, and couples to find peace within themselves and their relationships.  Through extensive training and expertise, I enjoy helping clients empower themselves in successfully resolving issues related to: trauma, attention deficit, anxiety, relationship discord, depression, OCD, and emotion regulation. I integrate the following evidence-based treatment modalities as needed: Emotion Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), Cognitive Stimulation, and Trauma Focused – CBT. I also provide presentations on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

I strive to establish a powerful, therapeutic, nonjudgmental alliance built on compassion and respect which in turn helps the collaborative process be much more individualized and strength-based.

Julia Covilli, MSW, LMSW

Julia Osborne

With mental health experience working with a multitude of populations, I currently am accepting clients with all clinical issues. I have enjoyed working with adolescent clients in the clinical and school settings, dealing in large part with school-related anxiety, and adult clients as well. My professional passions include individual, couples, and family therapy. Employing evidence-based practices, I frequently utilize cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic therapy, to best suit my client’s needs. 

In addition to my schooling and ongoing training, I am receiving weekly supervision from a clinician who specializes in aging populations and grief work, which has been an invaluable resource.  

Bryan Duckham, Ph.D., MSW, LCSW

Bryan Duckham

I have been in practice for over 30 years treating individuals and couples. While I specialize in working with those struggling with depression and anxiety, I also enjoy working with couples who are experiencing conflict or want to enhance their relationship. My Ph.D. is from Loyola University-Chicago with a heavy emphasis on theory, especially psychodynamic, narrative, and family systems. However, I am very eclectic in my approach and can use behavioral and cognitive approaches as well as a depth psychology approach that seeks to heal underlying conflicts or ambivalences that are fueled by unresolved feelings and needs.

I have worked in a variety of outpatient mental health and treatment programs, including St. Anthony’s Hyland Center and Barnes-Jewish Hospital, and I was the director of the FlexCare Treatment Program. In addition to maintaining my practice at West County Psychological Associates, I was an Associate Professor at Southern Illinois University before retiring in 2019 to devote more time to my practice.

Donna Garcia, MA, MS

Donna Garcia

As a former teacher, principal, and assistant professor, I work with schools who would like to strengthen their school environments in a variety of areas. I provide educational consulting services and professional development for principals and faculty, and workshops for students and parents. Workshops and professional development are tailored to meet the needs of individual schools. My training includes cultural competence, parenting cafes, and suicide prevention, to name a few. I am presently working on combining my previous educational experience with the world of social work.

Kimberley Gentile, Psy. D., LPC

Kimberley Gentile

I earned my Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, and am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri. I specialize in working with couples on relationship concerns, as well as sexual issues, infidelity and sex therapy. In addition, I work with clients experiencing eating disorders, issues post-bariatric surgery, depression and anxiety. My philosophy involves welcoming clients into a comfortable therapeutic alliance infused with respect, trust, compassion, and a bit of humor. The therapeutic techniques I use include cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, motivational interviewing, and family systems therapy. My passions center around collaborating with clients by supporting them in gaining more adaptive and healthier coping skills to pursue greater happiness and control over their lives.

Lori Goldberg, MSW, LCSW

Lori Goldberg

I am passionate about working with seniors and their caregivers. I specialize in providing therapy to individuals, couples and families experiencing depression, anxiety, grief and loss, due to complex life transitions. Caregiver stress is also an interest of mine. We develop coping strategies together.

Having over 30 years of experience working in elder care, I utilize an eclectic, evidence-based and individualized approach to treatment. I previously worked as a medical social worker at a local hospital and as the Manager of Senior Services at a premier social service and mental health agency in Saint Louis for many years.

In addition to my work with individuals and families, I enjoy leading support groups and participating in professional panels. I also serve on two community boards.

Carol Hall-Whittier, Ed. D.

Carol Hall Whittier

In my 34 years of service as an educator, I have worked as a teacher, instructional leader, and principal. During that time of working collaboratively with my teaching peers, school leaders and community to effectively teach students, I have learned that leadership and teaching excellence is created among people with a shared vision for continuous improvement.

My work has been built on the belief that the school functions as a community and the growth of its members are fundamental. I specialize in helping school leaders create a purposeful culture whose focus is engaging educators in collaborative learning. Those in the learning community; teachers, staff, school leaders, parents and community must learn together to ensure success for all students. My experience in creating a collaborative learning community has equipped me to provide leadership training for principals, staffs, and parents. I am especially interested in providing professional development in the areas of:

  • Culture creation for staff continuous learning, teamwork and problem solving;
  • Professional development embedded within the school day;
  • Parent training as they seek to partner with the school and advocate for their child’s education

Heather Hanvy, MA, CRC, LPC

I have eight years of experience providing mental health services in the school setting which includes providing counseling and crisis intervention services to students and their families. I have also worked in several community mental health settings providing individual and group therapy to adolescents and adults. I enjoy working with adolescents and adults who are experiencing depression, anxiety, life transitions, adjustment to disability, and stressful life events or trauma. I am a strengths-based, client-centered clinician who utilizes a variety of therapeutic techniques to meet the needs of each client. I am passionate about collaborating with clients and providing a safe, non-judgmental space in therapy for clients to feel comfortable being themselves so they can discover their own strengths and passions. In addition to my work with clients and in schools, I have also taught Internship and Advanced Internship as an adjunct faculty member for Maryville’s Rehabilitation Counseling graduate program where I earned the Adjunct Faculty of the Year award in May 2021

Dr. Charlotte V. Ijei, LPC, Ed.D

Charlotte Ijei

I have worked in clinical and educational settings, both public and private. I provide individual, family, and group therapy with children, adolescents, and adults who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and self-identity, as well as psychosocial challenges. Since people are shaped by their cultural, social, and ethnic identities, I use my training and awareness in these areas to meet individuals where they are which helps them garner personal success. I work with students who are having difficulty with feeling connected to the school environment by meeting with them individually, in groups, and also with their families. This has often caused students to present negative behaviors resulting in high suspension rates and a display of other negative behaviors in the school setting.

I facilitate small and large groups and provide individual therapy on different topics including parenting, grief, marriage, trauma, self-identity, equity and inclusion, and divorce counseling. I work with schools to facilitate successful ways to help parents navigate “messy” divorces to ensure children and adolescents do not get caught up in the drama that can cause harm. This work extends to the parents as well. I work with individuals who have been traumatized by events that can halt their growth.

Within the educational realm, I have worked with students of all ages. Facilitation within the school environment has been helping white teachers manage the behavior of students who do not look like them and learn to understand students with different ethnic, social, and cultural backgrounds, including religion. This includes teaching teachers and administrators how to build positive, sustainable relationships to yield better behavioral and academic success.