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Dr. Charlotte V. Ijei, LPC, Ed.D

I have worked in clinical and educational settings, both public and private. I provide individual, family, and group therapy with children, adolescents, and adults who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and self-identity, as well as psychosocial challenges. Since people are shaped by their cultural, social, and ethnic identities, I use my training and awareness in these areas to meet individuals where they are which helps them garner personal success. I work with students who are having difficulty with feeling connected to the school environment by meeting with them individually, in groups, and also with their families. This has often caused students to present negative behaviors resulting in high suspension rates and a display of other negative behaviors in the school setting.

I facilitate small and large groups and provide individual therapy on different topics including parenting, grief, marriage, trauma, self-identity, equity and inclusion, and divorce counseling. I work with schools to facilitate successful ways to help parents navigate “messy” divorces to ensure children and adolescents do not get caught up in the drama that can cause harm. This work extends to the parents as well. I work with individuals who have been traumatized by events that can halt their growth.

Within the educational realm, I have worked with students of all ages. Facilitation within the school environment has been helping white teachers manage the behavior of students who do not look like them and learn to understand students with different ethnic, social, and cultural backgrounds, including religion. This includes teaching teachers and administrators how to build positive, sustainable relationships to yield better behavioral and academic success.


Bachelor of Science, Psychology and Business Education, University of Missouri, St. Louis
Master’s in Education and Counseling, University of Missouri, St. Louis
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Psychologist
Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Maryville University
Served as Adjunct Professor at Maryville University
Co-Author: The Long and Winding Road to Social Justice


Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples
School Services: public, private, parochial schools, and home-schools serving students of all ages


To schedule, please call West County Psychological Associates at 314-275-8599.

My email: [email protected]